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In support of the $2 million Brighter Futures Campaign, a Name-A-Seat Program in which all 600 theatre seats will be named by members of the general public was launched. If you would like to leave a permanent legacy in the community, please consider us!

Families and individuals can leave a permanent legacy in our community by naming a seat in support of the development of the theatre. For a one-time donation of $500 or $500 pledged over a 3 year period, your support will be memorialized forever.

Each of the 600 theatre seats will feature a permanent, engraved plaque honouring the name of a loved one, Halifax West graduate or your family name. Donors will receive a tax receipt and will also be listed on our website.

Less than 400 seats remain, however, you can still buy one seat, two seats, or more - it’s up to you! For a donation of $500, you can name one seat. Your name will also be listed on our Special Friends of The Bella Rose Arts Centre Wall.

Name a Seat in the
Bella Rose Arts Centre


Type in what you want the Plaque on your seat to say. Maximum 75 characters (including spaces). Looking for inspiration? Some people honour their graduating class (e.g. Halifax West Alumni '87), their family (e.g. Smith Family), a passed loved one (e.g. In Memory of John Doe) or just put their own name on it (e.g. Jane Doe).

By using this online form you certify that all spelling is correct.

Donate Online

You can now contribute to the Name-a-Seat Campaign on this website. Simply type in what you want to appear in the engraved inscription on the seat in the box on the right and click Add to cart.

Donate Through Mail or Fax

You can contribute via mail or fax, simply fill out this form, and fax or mail it to us. You can also contribute via phone at +1 902 457 3352.