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Theatre Specifications


  • The Orchestra has 503 seats are on a movie house slope.
  • The Balcony has 97 seats are stadium seating.
  • The Orchestra has 6 accessible wheelchair parking spaces in the back.
  • Seats are ergonomic.
  • The venue is air-conditioned.
  • No smoking is enforced.


  • The Bella Rose Arts Centre is a proscenium theatre.
  • The proscenium is 37.5' by 16'.
  • Proscenium to downstage edge is 2', the apron is an arc.
  • Orchestra (audience) floor to stage floor is 3'.
  • Proscenium to upstage wall is 28'.
  • Proscenium to upstage curtain is 24'.
  • The stage is a professional grade sprung dance floor covered with Masonite and painted a non-glossy black.
  • Drapery
    • The proscenium curtain is Red. It is hand operated (pulley system stage right) and opens in the middle.
    • There are six legs in black (3 on either side creating 4 entrances to the stage).
    • There are three border curtains along the top of the stage (one for each lighting pipe).
    • There is a rear curtain in black. It is hand operated (pulley system on stage right) and opens in the middle.
    • There is an off white backdrop curtain behind the rear black curtain. It is hand operated (no pulley system) and opens from the site.

Back Stage

  • The off stage area of the performance space is approximately 11' by 27' on both stage right and stage left.
  • The stage has two crossovers, one is behind the back curtains which is 4' wide and the other is a corridor that runs behind the stage which is 4.5' wide.

Loading Area

  • Maximum dimensions of the loading bay doors are 5'10" by 7'7".

Cast Preparation Areas

Green Room (B222)

  • The Green Room is adjacent the theatre.
  • Has a single washroom.
  • Has 7 makeup mirrors.
  • Can hold up to 40 individuals.

Drama Room (B223)

  • The Drama Room is next to the Green Room.
  • Is a large open space.
  • Can hold up to 40 individuals.

Additional rooms are available upon request.