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Lost and Found

Did you misplace something while you were attending or producing an event at the Bella Rose Arts Centre?

Please do not call Halifax West High School! We have a separate Lost and Found for items that were found during events in the theatre. Instead, call our business office at +1 902 457 3352 and we will make arrangements for you to come and pick up the item(s) you misplaced provided they have been found. If you are unable to pick up items we will be more than happy to mail them to you provided you send us a prepaid self addressed shipping envelope or box.

We regularly purge our lost and found of items that have been left from an event which occured one month previously. The Bella Rose Arts Centre claims no responsibility for the property of individuals attending or producing events.

Prepaid Self Addressed Shipping Materials

Prior to sending any shipping materials contact us first to confirm that we have the item in our posession.

Once confirmed by our office, the prepaid self addressed shipping materials can be sent to our shipping address.