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Rates, Fees, and Requirements

The total value of the rental will be the rental rate, plus staff, plus any additional fees incurred by the requirements of the production.


Performance Rental Periods and Rehearsal Rental Periods are a continuous 8 hour period per day in which the theatre is available to be occupied by the Client for the purposes of producing the Performance.

Rental Rates

We offer two standard rates for performances and rehearsals; commercial and non-profit. These standard rates are initially per a continuous 8 hour period per day with additional hours costing extra at the rate associated with the initial period. If it is less expensive to charge for two rental periods instead of one period plus overtime we will do so automatically.

The rehearsal rate only applies when there is production setup or rehearsal on days other than the day of the performance or if it is outside of the allocated hours of a performance period. If a rehearsal and performance occurs within one 8 hour period all that would apply is the performance rental period rate.

Client Type Performance
Rental Period
Additional Hours
Rental Period
Additional Hours
Non-Profit $750.00 $100.00 $325.00 $50.00
Commercial $1000.00 $125.00 $475.00 $75.00

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Service Fees

Fee Units Cost Per Unit
Box Office Setup Contract $50.00
Additional Rooms Rooms and Rental Periods $100.00
Seat Removal Fee Segments $75.00
Smoke Detector Override Performances $100.00
Multimedia Projector Rental Periods $75.00

Staff Rates

Depending on the client's needs, there are some mandatory staff and some optional theatre staff.

Staff Person Rate/hour Minimum Requirement Conditions of Requirement
House Manager $20.85 1 Mandatory at all times the theatre is occupied.
Head Usher $18.85 See Required Front of House Usher Schedule (below) 
Orchestra Ushers $15.85 See Required Front of House Usher Schedule (below) 
Balcony Ushers $15.85 See Required Front of House Usher Schedule (below) 
Backstage Security $15.85 See Required Backstage Usher and Cast Entrance Schedule (below) 
Sound Technician $16.85 1 Mandatory if utilizing BRAC’s sound technical services.
Light Technician $16.85 1 Mandatory if utilizing BRAC’s light technical services.
Box Office Manger $16.85 1 Mandatory for all performances in which the BRAC is managing ticket sales.
Box Office Staff $15.85 2 Mandatory for all performances in which the BRAC is managing ticket sales.
Custodian $50.00 0 Depends on the rentals time restraints
Security $15.85 2 Mandatory at all times alcohol is present.
Coat Check $13.85 0 Optional.
Parking Attendant $15.85 0 Optional, but will add value to your production by assisting with the allocation of cars on occasions when the building is used for multiple events.
Stage Hands $13.85 0 Depends on production needs.

Note: Staffing rates double on Nova Scotia Statutory Holidays.

Sales Tax

All transactions are subject to the Nova Scotia Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

Required Usher Schedule

Audience Size Sections Occupied Number of Ushers Required
1 – 120 Orchestra 1
121 – 240 Orchestra 2
241 – 360 Orchestra 3
361 – 498 Orchestra 4
499 – 546 Orchestra and Balcony 5
547 – 600 Orchestra and Balcony 6

Required Backstage Security and Cast Entrance Schedule

Cast Size Backstage Security Required Extra Rooms Required Cast and Crew
Entrance to Backstage
1 – 40 0 0 Lobby Doors
40 – 80 0 1 Cafeteria Doors
81 – 120 1 2 Cafeteria Doors
121 – 160 1 3 Cafeteria Doors
161 – 200 1 4 Cafeteria Doors
201 – 240 2 5 Cafeteria Doors
241 – 280 2 6 Cafeteria Doors
281 – 320 2 7 Cafeteria Doors
321 – 360 3 8 Cafeteria Doors
361 – 400 3 9 Cafeteria Doors
> 400 Extreme Circumstance: Will require negotiation.

Other Requirements

The client is required to provide their own event liability insurance.