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This is an archived version of the old Bella Rose Arts Centre website. Some parts of this website including external hyperlinks may no longer be functional. Interactive elements of this site such as the newsletter subscription, and booking applications will accept data but such data will not be relayed to the Bella Rose Arts Centre.

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Terms and Conditions

Bella Rose Arts Centre Website

All information on this website including these Terms and Conditions is subject to change at any time without notice. Logos included in the website are copyright their respective owners. Should the rates that are published online differ from that of the Venue Usage Agreement, the rates on the Venue Usage Agreement prevail.

Event Classifications

The Maritime Film Classification Board does not endorse the classification of events other than film screenings. The classifications included for all other events are provided by the event promoter, are not endorsed by the Bella Rose Arts Centre and are included in the event listing for the convenience of our patrons.

More information can be found on our Content Classification page.

Online and Phone Ticket Purchasing

By purchasing tickets from the Bella Rose Arts Centre Box Office (BRACBO) you agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions:

No exchanges or refunds.

Use of the Bella Rose Arts Centre website does not guarantee seat availability. You will be notified by phone or email if BRACBO cannot process your order. You have the opportunity to select your seats during the order process. You agree to accept the seats that are assigned to you at the time of the order. You acknowledge that if you wish to purchase additional seats in a separate order seats adjacent those seats in your previous order may not be available. BRACBO cannot refund or exchange seats for any order.

Should you opt for discounted admission you certify that you are eligible to receive the discount based on the conditions specified at time of purchase. You acknowledge that you may be required to provide proof of such eligibility prior to admission to the event and that failing to do so may lead to non-admission without refund.

Should you opt to have your tickets shipped to you, you agree that you are doing so at your own risk. Should tickets not reach you in time for the respective event, duplicate tickets can be printed upon request and validation of identity. If the original tickets are already being used by another party the duplicate tickets will become invalid and no refund or exchange will be issued. You also certify that the shipping address that you provide either online or via phone is accurate. A refund will not be issued for shipping charges should tickets not be delivered to you in time for the event or if the tickets are returned to the Bella Rose Arts Centre by the same means in which the tickets were shipped should the address on the shipped item match the address on the order. Should an event be cancelled you will receive a refund for the cost of the tickets only, the cost of shipping will not be refunded.

You acknowledge that if payment for your order is not received at the time of the order that your order will automatically be cancelled. You agree to pay the total amount of the order according to the credit card issuer agreement of the credit card that the order is being paid for.

You agree to be bound to the terms and conditions that are printed on the tickets. (See below)

The Bella Rose Arts Centre reserves the right to revise and changes these policies at any time.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

No exchanges or refunds. In the event of a cancellation, a refund may be issued strictly according to the policies of the promoter and ticket vendor. This ticket is valid only for the performance and seat for which it is issued. The holder of this ticket must strictly abide by the regulations posted at the location of the event and acknowledges that they agree with the regulations entirely. They waive the right to any claim resulting from loss, damage or inconvenience, however caused, before, during or after the event. This ticket and the rights attaching thereto or resulting therefrom may not be sold, transferred or ceded, whether in a commercial or promotional context, with or without consideration, unless written permission has been previously obtained from the promoter and the ticket vendor. Management reserves the right to revoke the license granted by this ticket by refunding the purchase price. Management also reserves the right to alter or change a performance. Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. This ticket is good only for the performance and seat for which it is issued.

The Bella Rose Arts Centre reserves the right to revise and changes these policies at any time.

Donations Made Online or by Phone

Donations of $10.00 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. Tax receipts will be mailed to the donor within 2 to 7 business days. If however, the donation was made as part of an order where the shipping option "Ticket Pickup at Door" was selected the tax receipt will instead be issued to the donor with the tickets when the individual picks up the tickets from the Bella Rose Arts Centre Box Office. Donations are non-refundable. Tax receipts can only be mailed to Canadian mailing addresses.

Name-a-Seat Donations

By making a Name-a-Seat Donation online, you confirm that, upon submission, the spelling of the Plaque Text for your seat is accurate and that the Bella Rose Arts Centre will not be held responsible for submissions with incorrect spelling. The Bella Rose Arts Centre reserves the right to refuse any Name-a-Seat donation for any reason by refunding the donation. Donations made through ChangeIt or CanadaHelps are not eligible for the Name-a-Seat Campaign.

Online Booking Deposits and Invoice Payments

All payments transmitted online for the purposes of payment of an invoice or submission of a deposit are done so in accordance with the terms indicated Venue Usage Agreement specific to your event. You agree to be bound to the terms of the Venue Usage Agreement whether or not you have signed the agreement and/or have submitted it to the Bella Rose Arts Centre. Making a deposit without submitting a signed copy of the Venue Usage Agreement does not constitute a booking confirmation and may result in another party obtaining the date of the booking. If such a circumstance happens the deposit can be refunded.

Online Booking Application Form

Use of the online booking application form is required in order to receive a quote and venue usage agreement to rent any of the Bella Rose Arts Centre facilities. Dates must be pre-arranged via phone or email with the Bella Rose Arts Centre business office prior to using this form. Completion of the online booking application form does not guarantee a booking. Use of this form does not constitute a binding agreement with the Bella Rose Arts Centre for the purposes of renting the Bella Rose Arts Centre. All applicable fields must be filled out. Failure to properly complete the form will result in no contract being drafted and therefore no means of confirming the booking will be sent to you.

Email Communications

The content of all email communications including "On Stage" and other email newsletters produced by the Bella Rose Arts Centre is subject to change at any time without notice.

Events Taking Place at the Bella Rose Arts Centre

Unless otherwise specifically presented by the Bella Rose Arts Centre, the Bella Rose Arts Centre does not endorse the content of any event taking place at the Bella Rose Arts Centre.